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Restorative Dentistry

There are a number of procedures Dr. Bott offers to accommodate any of your dental needs. If any sort of dental pain bothers you, be aware that we are available to support and facilitate you. There are a number of dental services provided by Dr.Bott and his team of professionals.

Cavity Fillings

It is very important to get the small holes in your teeth fixed as soon as possible since these holes can lead to further decay and infections. Call us today with any questions or to set up a consultation at 801-763-9080.

    • Amalgam: Is the silver-mercury based filling, these filling are popular because of their durability.
    • Composite: Fillings can be matched to your natural tooth color and are not easily visible
  • Ionomer: Isonomer fillings are a hybrid of glass particles mixed with acrylic acids. They match the color of your teeth. These fillings are used for small holes and are practically invisible.

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Dental Implants

As your dental implant specialist in American Fork, Dr. Bott is proud to be able to make implants the best and most permanent solution for clients who have unwanted gaps from their missing teeth. Not only for the single missing teeth, the dental implants can also be used for multiple missing teeth gaps, additionally they acquire their efficiency from the exclusive process of their jaw placement. An implant consists of 2 pieces where one is a medical grade titanium screw that is in a way fixed into the jawbone while the other is a dental crown made of porcelain that is placed on the special screw for the visible area of the dental implant.

The process starts with anchoring a special titanium screw through the jaw. Once the dental screw is in the required place, the bone will grow smoothly in to the treads of the dental implant. This method is known as Osseointegration, or a form of grafting. The implant is then placed in order for the screw to project through the gum where the tooth was missing. Once the grafting has been completed and the tissue has healed, the porcelain crown is bonded over the screw and the restoration can be used moving forward. As the saying goes; don’t settle for anything less than perfection in your smile. Call us today for a free consultation at 801-763-9080.

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Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a hollow cap that fits over a tooth. These are usually made of porcelain. Crowns are mainly used after root canal procedures in order to protect the exposed part of the tooth. Dental crowns fits perfectly over a tooth and matches the natural color of your teeth. Call us today with any questions or to set up a consultation at 801-763-9080.

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Dental Bridges

It is a simple procedure that is done to replace one or more missing teeth. The gap is filled with a block of porcelain bonded to the teeth, creating a “bridge.” It is then covered with a crown or several dental crowns. Dental bridges are durable and long-lasting. Dr. Bott offers the highest quality dental bridges in American Folk, UT.
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Dentures are an option for those clients who may have lost any natural teeth. Our goal is to provide the closest possible replication of lost teeth, both in appearance and functionality. In order to achieve this, it requires getting exact measurements and molds for the gums as well as the surrounding tissues. This will eliminate slippage by confirming a perfectly tight fit and will help create a naturally pleasing appearance. Of course, as a person reaches his/her old age, their gum and mouth tissues can distort which may alter the the current dentures effectiveness. Call us today for a free consultation at 801-763-9080.

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Implant Dentures

Dentures can be the perfect alternative for people who have somehow lost the respective natural teeth. Most concerns regarding dentures are the maintenance and loose fit, where the dentures may slip out of place. For these certain individuals, we recommend implant dentures as a better remedy because they develop the strongest possible grip on the denture plate. Dr. Bott is a leading dental specialist in American Fork. He is capable of performing many different procedures for dental implants.

He will first begin by sedating the client before placing two special titanium screws into the maxilla. The exposed areas of the implant are joined with a smaller bar, and the procedure is then repeated for the lower corresponding denture. Through a unique process called Osseointegration, the bones grow into the respective grooves of the implant slowly, making a tough permanent placement. The connecting bars fix the dentures in place by fastening onto another piece on the denture plate. The implant dentures are capable of withstanding strong chewing, they function entirely normal, and they provide the best possible feeling of having natural working teeth. They are a perfect alternative to any missing teeth. Contact us for a free consultation to find out if implant dentures are the best procedure for you.

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Partial Dentures

Partial dentures can be best for those clients who have only lost a few teeth. At Dr. Bott, we will make sure that your partial dentures fit perfectly and seem like a natural part of your teeth. Call us today with any questions at 801-763-9080.

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Vinyl Dentures

Clients who are allergic to plastic dentures or just find them uncomfortable, are fitted with Vinyl dentures. These dentures are made by high quality vinyl. This material is perfect for patients with sensitive gums. If you hane can questions, contact us here.

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Onlays and inlays are only used when the holes are too large to be filled with a traditional filling. A single onlay can be spread over multiple teeth. Dr. Bott can create inlays by using gold, resin or porcelain material. The molds are made in a separate laboratory and fits your teeth perfectly. Call us today for a free consultation at 801-763-9080.
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Tooth Extractions

Sometimes, a tooth has to be removed in order to restore jaw function. Dr. Bott always tries his utmost to save the natural teeth, but when there is no way to save the tooth, he performs a simple and quick tooth extraction. The process is painless since Dr. Bott sedates their patients first.

Our office is located in American fork, serving Lehi, Pleasant Grove, Alpine, and all surrounding areas in Utah County. We will make sure all you dental needs are taken care of.

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