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Periodontal Dentistry

There are many ways to take care of gum (periodontal) disease and Dr. Bott sure knows all of those advanced and effective periodontal treatments. Gum diseases are usually caused due to the build up of bacteria around the gums and this is caused due to poor oral hygiene. All these troubles can be avoided by keeping a good oral hygiene. In some cases the infection may go deeper into the root and that is where some serious problems begin. The infection begins at the area where the gum meets the tooth. At the beginning these infections look like minor bleeding or swelling but as it becomes deeper, it starts to form large sockets filled with bacteria and then they surround the tooth root. If it is not detected in time and left untreated then it starts to decay the teeth and this way the infection can reach the jaw and could lead to tooth extractions. There are several procedures which can be performed so that this tooth extraction or even a minor infection can be avoided.

Scaling and Root Planing

There are procedures which you can get at an appointment in our American Fork office. Among those procedures comes the periodontal root and scaling planing. Both these procedures remove the excessive bacteria and plaque that may lead to hard your teeth or gums. Our hygienists carefully removes and scrapes off any plaque they might observe on the tooth’s visible area. The tools used to remove those layers are periodontal hand scalers, ultrasonic curettes. This procedure helps to make the surface of the tooth smooth so that plaque does not form in the surface later on.

It depends on the condition of your teeth to what extent the infection goes. If the infection is developed below the gum line then it is possible that you may need some deeper cleaning. This procedure involves scaling and planing of the gums. Here at At Dr. Bott’s office, we always make sure that the dental hygienist performs the task perfect. Many patients have agreed to the fact that they do not feel pain at all because some tools slip between the gums and the teeth. In some cases an anesthetic will be provided to the patient in order to relieve the stress and the pain.

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Ultra-sonic Tooth Cleaning

Dr. Bott’s office has the latest dental technology among which includes our ultrasonic cleaning equipment and technology. It is used before scaling/root planing. Dr. Bott prefer to update his equipment to more advanced levels in order to provide his patients with the best services. This tool is chiefly a scalar. It has a unique tip which reverberates at a rate that is very high. It sprays water with a lot of pressure so that the layers of plaque and bacteria get removed. It remove hard build ups as well. It smooths out other impurities that might get attached with teeth.
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Pocket Reduction

It is pretty much clear by its name that the pocket reduction is specially designed to remove bacteria from places where they get collected the most. Gums depreciate and weaken with time, sometimes they weaken due to infection. This leads to the further weakening of the tissues around the teeth and then it becomes loose and then large pockets are formed at that area which later get filled with bacteria. The bacteria grow rapidly in this area and these areas must be sealed in order to avoid further decay or infections. At Dr. Bott’s office pocket reduction procedure is carefully performed. A first the gum is pulled and all the bacteria is removed. Then it is stitched together so that no spaces are left for the bacteria to enter the pockets again. Dr. Bott’s patients have always reported that they have achieved excellent results by getting your treatment done by our very own Dr. Bott.

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Periodontal Maintenance

There are some people who suffer from the repetition of periodic infections, reasons among which are pockets that  have become enlarged or other related periodontal concerns. For this purpose, periodontal maintenance is provided. Patients are called for cleaning after every 3 months. This reduces the chances of the infection to reoccur. It is really important to maintain the oral hygiene and your oral health. Dr. Bott performs procedures to give deeper cleaning so that any infection present under the gums are reduced. Depth measurement of those pockets are taken, then scaling & root planing are performed in order to reduce future infections. Pain in gums or swollen gums are to be reported to us.

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