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Oral Surgery

Oral surgical procedures involve the operations of facial bones or soft tissues. We can perform these complex surgeries with utmost competency. Dr. Bott has performed numerous wisdom tooth extractions and dealt with the complex impacted extractions. Moreover, Dr. Bott is highly skilled in bone grafting procedures for both medical and cosmetic reasons.

Impacted Extractions

Extraction is the method of removing a tooth. There are several reasons why a tooth needs to be removed. In most cases, a tooth requires to be removed because of a severe tooth decay or when wisdom teeth are impacted and are expected to cause damage to the adjacent tooth. However, whichever is the case, Dr. Bott will do his utmost to save your natural tooth. An extraction will be recommended if there is no way to save the tooth. You can replace the extracted tooth with either a bridge or implant.
If you are suffering from an impacted wisdom teeth, Dr. Bott performs the procedure impeccably. You will be sedated through the whole procedure and will not feel any pain. The tooth will either by pulled out directly, or Dr. Bott will cut the teeth in half in order to ensure easy removal. After a short healing period, you will regain full function of your teeth.


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Bone Grafting

What distinguishes Dr. Bott from other dentists in Utah County is his bone tissue grafting skills. This procedure encourages the regeneration process when substantial gum deterioration has taken place. The recession of gum tissue exposes the bone and causes it to degenerate which compromises the strength of your jaw.
To perform the grafting procedure, a small piece of bone is taken from another part of the body (usually, from chin or the back of the jaw) and attached to the affected area with medical-grade titanium screws. The grafted bone enables the regeneration process by minimizing the bone exposure. It also increases the strength of your jaw.

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