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Endodontic Dentistry

Endodontic procedures are used to treat the roots of your teeth. If you are facing Endodontic problems, Dr. Bott will thoroughly inspect your condition and plan out the best course of action that will fit your distinct dental needs. Dr. Bott is highly skilled in this area of dentistry. He is clearly the best choice in Utah County, for all your dental needs.

Root Canals

Root canal procedures receive a lot of criticism among the patients. However, Dr. Bott is very light-handed and gentle with his patients and the root canal patients always comment on how gentle the whole procedure was. Root canal procedure is incorporated when the root of a tooth dies due to prolonged infection or a trauma. This dead root, if not treated on time, begins to decay the surroundings.
To remove this dead root, a hole is drilled through the top of a tooth which exposes pulp chamber of a tooth. The dead root is then extracted with little to no pain. Dr. Bott will cover the tooth temporarily and a dental crown will be bonded into place at your follow-up appointment.

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Internal Bleaching

Internal Bleaching is used for the stains that are deep inside the teeth. At Dr Bott, internal bleaching method is used to remove the stains and whiten the teeth from the inside out. A small hole is made onto the teeth and peroxide gel is injected into the teeth. This gel stays there for about a week after which, the gel is removed and the hole is filled. This effective procedure will help your teeth to return to their natural white appearance.
please contact our office to determine whether it is the correct procedure for you.

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Abscess Removal

An abscess is an area of infection that forms around the root of a tooth. This infection can normally be treated with antibiotics and proper brushing, but sometimes the infection becomes more serious and starts to affect your gums. To counteract, your body creates a boundary around this infection which often gets swollen up and starts to decay the tooth enamel, unless immediately removed.
In order to remove this abscess, Dr. Bott will drain the infection which will relieve the swelling and reduce the soreness. In some cases, root canal procedure is used to treat the serious infections. Dr Bott will ensure your comfort every step of the way.
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