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Dental Technology

The Odontology field is evolving at a fast pace. Technological advancements have enabled the dentists to integrate new technology with the traditional and reliable methods of dentistry. Before implementing any technology, Dr. Bott expansively researches all the probable benefits and problems his patients might experience.
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Digital X-Rays

X-rays are used to examine important information through detailed imagery. X-rays are used to examine the insides of your jaw and bone structure, in order to pinpoint the problems that cannot be otherwise diagnosed.
However, X-ray radiation is harmful to humans and persistent exposure to X-ray radiation can cause cancer. Due to the drawbacks of traditional X-ray machines, Dr. Bott uses a Digital X-ray imagery system at his workplace. This advanced X-ray system not only reduces the radiation by 80%, it also provides one of the highest quality imageries. It is a vital tool for every dentistry office.
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Intraoral Camera

Intraoral camera is one of the most vital tools we have here, it enables Dr. Bott to observe comprehensive images of hard to reach places. This gives Dr. Bott an immense advantage over the dentists who use traditional dental mirror. Moreover, intraoral camera’s high-resolution imagery enables a dentist to diagnose possible problems more efficiently. It also helps a dentist in performing intricate procedures that are performed at our office.

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